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The Hidden Mystery Behind Sunglasses Lens Colors

The Hidden Mystery Behind Sunglasses Lens Colors

In addition to improving your appearance, sunglasses lenses will act as a shield, protecting you from UV rays. Find out below which lens color suits which condition.

What is UV radiation, and why should glasses protect your eyes from it?

Also known as ultraviolet radiation, UV rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation that is mainly responsible for summer redness and sunburn. It is no secret that excessive UV radiation exposure can cause multiple problems in your eyes: severe burns, cataracts, or even cancer. Summer UV is dangerous for us, but keep in mind that the light reflected from the snow is even more potent than the sun’s rays on the sea in summer.

What UV protection should you look for when buying sunglasses?

Look for a pair of sunglasses that block at least 99% of UVB rays and at least 95% UVA rays. Ensure you check the scratch resistance of the lenses if you want to wear them for more than one season. Remember that polarized glasses provide superior protection from the sun, and the rubber handles on the arms will make it easier for you to wear them.

So what is the right sunglasses lens color?

The color of the lens you choose depends on sunglasses and the weather, for example, whether you will spend your time at sea or in the mountains.

But one thing to remember is that the color of the lens on the sunglasses has nothing to do with the degree of protection they offer.

1- Gray lenses

Gray lenses reduce the intensity of light and are ideal for your eyes without affecting the contrast or distorted colors.

2- Dark green lenses

The same goes for dark green lenses, which are ideal for driving. This is because gray and green lenses do not change your perception of color. Interestingly, this feature is especially useful when you suffer from a condition such as a hyperopia.

3- Red and orange lenses

If you are a sportsman and love snow, you should choose red and orange lenses, because these colors block the blue light, which becomes very intense in winter, especially on sunny days. These colors have a relaxing effect on the eyes and are used for permanent visual correction of vision.

4- Brown lenses

Brown lenses have the same advantages as red and orange. Besides, they are especially useful as coffee is the color usually preferred by those who have myopia.

5- Yellow and orange lenses

Yellow and orange lenses are very popular with hunters, who take advantage of contrast when looking at targets against the sky, especially in bright light. However, these types of lenses are dangerous and even illegal on the road or any other activity requiring color recognition.

6- Purple lenses

If your job or hobby involves a lot of outdoor activities, you should choose purple lenses.

7- Golden lenses

Gold lenses will intensify the contrast between the sky or the grass concerning a golf ball.

8- Blue lenses

Blue and green sunglasses will enhance the contrast, for example, in the image of a yellow tennis ball. In particular, blue lenses provide better separation between white and black and are recommended for myopia people.